Old Town for Business

The streets of Old Town are an ideal destination for your business to grow and join a historic community poised for prosperity.

Old Town for Business

Old Town is the heart of Rock Hill, and commerce is its goal. Simply stroll down the quaint streets that comprise Old Town Rock Hill and it becomes clear within minutes that locally owned shops, restaurants and small businesses thrive in this historic district. Main Street and the surrounding avenues of this charming neighborhood abound with eateries, local retail stores, service providers, lodging facilities and museums, while vibrant parks and gardens provide respite after a long day of shopping and touring. Learn more about all the Places To Go in Old Town and see how your establishment can find its place in this celebrated community.

Old Town entrepreneurs and growing businesses find an important mix of advantages for both offices, retail opportunities and restaurants, while numerous incentives and tax credits for Old Town and the surrounding vicinities serve a dual purpose of boosting economic redevelopment of a historic community while assisting small business owners with financial sponsorship. Greater affordability due to low real estate lease rates in York County are another asset, while Old Town establishments can enjoy lower operating costs, free parking for their employees and patrons, a walkable environment and many more business amenities concierge services - assistance with permits, incentives, real estate selection, and easy commuting.

Contact the Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation today for a tour of Old Town to see why Old Town Rock Hill is right for business.

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