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About Rock Hill Economic Development

The Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation (RHEDC) is a non-profit organization committed to representing the business, educational, and community interests of the city while promoting jobs and supporting growth.


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Objective & Goals


Board of Directors


RHEDC Objective & Goals


The principal objective of the Corporation is to benefit the City economically by fostering increased employment opportunities and by expansion of business and industry, thereby lessening the burdens of government and combating community deterioration, as well as improving quality of life for our citizens.


  1. Make investments to create new inventory of sites and/or buildings to support the growth of businesses and jobs in the Rock Hill area.
  2. Make the development of human capital a cornerstone of the Knowledge Park through the Knowledge Park Innovation Project.
  3. Through the Technology Incubator at Knowledge Park, support local entrepreneurs to create businesses that have the potential to significantly impact the growth of jobs and income in Knowledge Park and all of Rock Hill and York County.
  4. Effectively market Rock Hill as a location for business relocation, expansion, and investment.
  5. Implement RHEDC’s Financial Management Plan, as a means to build financial capacity for new economic development investments.
  6. Through the Rock Hill Designs initiative, provide leadership for public and private investments that enhance the quality of life in Rock Hill.
  7. Act as a driving force for the implementation of the Knowledge Park Plan in cooperation with the City and Knowledge Park Leadership Group.

RHEDC Board of Directors

  • Robert Alexander
  • Greg Austin
  • Tim Baldwin
  • Dan Ballou
  • John Black
  • Charlotte Brown
  • Myron Brown
  • Bev Carroll
  • Colleen Coesens
  • Bud Dark
  • Mari Doroud
  • Matt Dosch
  • Joanne Fockler
  • John Gettys
  • Joel Hamilton
  • Brad Hastings
  • Dawn Johnson
  • Melanie Jones
  • Luanne Kokolis
  • Dan Mahony
  • Kerry Mast
  • Allan Miller
  • Harold Peeples
  • Penny Pratt
  • Lain Reavis
  • Jim Reno
  • Toy Rhea
  • Ron Roveri
  • Stephen Schram
  • Anthony Smith
  • Justin Smith
  • Stephen Turner
  • David Vehaun
  • Chad Williams
  • Dave Williams
  • David Williams
  • Rob Youngblood